Cooperative Engineer Education Program with South Indian Universities based on the Long-Term Internship Experience


Seven students began internship in India2015/09/08

On 7 September 2015, seven students who participate in long-term internship in India departed Japan. They participate in five months internship with a mixture of expectation and anxiety, as it is first time for all of them to visit India.

"Jitsumu-kunren" or long-term internship at Nagaoka University of Technology aims to foster students to recognizing the needs of the society in the fields of engineering and science, as well as developing practical experience, originality and an understading of the significance of learning. This program began in 1979 and expanded to include overseas internship in 1990.

Fourth year undergraduate students who will go on to the graduate school are required to spend up to five months working in private enterprises, government agencies or public entities. This experience supports the finding of research theme at master's course, their understanding of the occupation, and provides a creative approach to the future.

Students just after arrival at Chennai
Student's Hostel at IIITD&M (Left wing is for women and right wing is for men)
Reunion with former exchange student, who visited our university in June 2015
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