Cooperative Engineer Education Program with South Indian Universities based on the Long-Term Internship Experience


Lecture Series “Introduction to India” and a farewell party for the India Overseas Jitsumu-Kunren Internship Program participants2016/08/10

As part of this program, Prof. Suda Aruna Rohra is conducting a lecture series entitled “Introduction to India” that is aimed at students who are interested in India. These lectures will provide basic information on India, as well as give straightforward explanations on a diverse range of topics such as the history of Japan and India’s relationship, industries, and information on India’s universities. In particular, students scheduled to be dispatched to India under the Jitsumu-Kunren Internship Program listened to these lectures with rapt attention.
On the 8th of August, a farewell party was held after this lecture series for students who would soon depart for the Jitsumu-Kunren Internship. While many students applied for India as their internship destination, only 10 students were selected for this long-term internship program. For the farewell party, Indian students at NUT prepared Indian cuisine, which received rave reviews from the attendees. The prospective interns were encouraged by their academic supervisors, and began their final preparations before their scheduled departure in September.

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