Cooperative Engineer Education Program with South Indian Universities based on the Long-Term Internship Experience


AY2016 India Jitsumu-Kunren Internship Debriefing Session2017/03/02

On 2 March 2017 (Thursday), the 10 students who had been dispatched to the Indian Institute of Technology Madras and the Indian Institute of Information Technology Design & Manufacturing Kancheepuram conducted a debriefing session of their experiences in the Jitsumu-Kunren Internship Program. The students not only discussed their various research results, but also talked about their lives and experiences in India, as well as advised junior students who would soon be studying there. Through the Jitsumu-Kunren Internship, the students reported being able to improve their practical English conversation abilities in their studies, research, and everyday life in India. By acquiring the language and communication abilities needed as global engineers, the students improved their self-confidence and strengthened their drive to actively improve their international connections.

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