Cooperative Engineer Education Program with South Indian Universities based on the Long-Term Internship Experience


India Experience Debriefing Session and Overseas Study Guidance Session2017/04/20

On 20 April 2017 (Wednesday), an India Experience Debriefing Session and Overseas Study Guidance Session was held by students who had participated in the Jitsumu-Kunren Internship Program at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras and the Indian Institute of Information Technology Design & Manufacturing Kancheepuram. Many students attended these sessions.
In addition to the research content, the student presenters discussed their daily lives and pre-departure preparations. This was valuable information for other students who were considering studying overseas in India, and helped to increase interest in India as a study destination. The student presenters also talked about their experiences whereby quickly overcoming the embarrassment of not being able to communicate effectively in English actually helped to increase their participation in activities and improve their English language abilities. This active participation also contributed to further improving their research achievements.

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