Student Life

Support for International Students

Nagaoka University of Technology has established various support systems for foreign students to enjoy life smoothly as students and residents.

1 Educational Support Programs

Mastering Japanese language is necessary for life and study in Japan. It is not uncommon that differences in educational methods from students’ mother countries or technical vocabularies in a course of study become an obstacle to understand class contents even in the basic subjects of study at the Faculty of Engineering. These problems are dealt with mainly by the Center for International Exchange and Education. Analyzing international students’ needs and levels of Japanese language, the division of Japanese language education offers widely various Japanese language subjects according to their needs and levels of proficiency. The division of specialized education provides educational support by, for example, giving advice on make-up lessons related to basic specialized subjects.

2 Student Life Support Programs

International students, all of whom have come from different countries and cultures, might have various anxieties about life and study in Japan. To alleviate those concerns even a little, Nagaoka University of Technology strives continually to improve its support programs. It actively uses the following systems and opportunities for consultation.

1. Center for International Exchange and Education

This consultation center addresses the needs of international students. In addition to educational support programs, it is in charge of daily life guidance and the promotion of exchange with the local community.

2. Student Consultation System

For all NUT students, we provide advice related to various problems of health care, school attendance, etc. Particularly after entering NUT, we allocate advisory teachers for students who have not yet been assigned to a laboratory and provide consolations more closely.

3. Institutional Guarantee System

This system becomes useful on the occasion of procedures for renting an apartment, NUT guarantees, as an institute, international students who have difficulty in finding joint surety on their own. The Division of International Affairs is in charge of the system.

4. Scholarships

There are systems by which international students can apply for scholarships and which are specialized for international students. The Division of International Affairs takes charge of all such systems.

5. Mutsumi-kai

This volunteer group of local residents was launched to support international students of Nagaoka University of Technology. It plans and implements life counseling and various exchange events.