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Welcome to TechnoMuseum “Tekumyu”

Our university, Nagaoka University of Technology, has pursued education and research aimed at the development of human resources who will become leaders in industry and at development of technologies that are useful worldwide, with Vitality, Originality, and Service (VOS) as our motto. Marking the 30th anniversary of the university’s founding in October 2006, we established the TechnoMuseum in June 2007 as a place to showcase the results of our research and development. We hope that many people feel close to our research and development, especially engineering, and experience its fun through research results and the exhibition of research that we are currently undertaking.

The exhibits portray not only our past and present results, but also the future that they show for us. It is a brighter future in which we can live life in safety with greater convenience and more comfort. Above all, “the generation who will lead future generations” coming to visit here and expressing an interest in state-of-the-art engineering is our very future.

Still, the number of exhibits is small and the manner of presenting them is a little clumsy. We will improve them with assistance from your opinions and requests. Touch our future at TechnoMuseum “Tekumyu”.

Robot Exhibition Zone Robots that played a lively part in Robocon and robots that are under development are exhibited here. We plan to hold demonstrations at various events.

State-of-the-art engineering for a rich life

Not a few people might have an impression of “engineering” as “serious” or “difficult.” TechnoMuseum “Tekumyu” strives to produce exhibitions that are interesting and enjoyable for everyone.

For example, an insect made of metal plates was produced by a computer-controlled machine tool. An object that might have a complicated interior is produced by metal plates that lay scattered at the corner of a laboratory and equipment that is usually used for experiments or studies. Take it easy and enjoy the experience of “engineering.”

Enjoyable engineering

Our university conducts education and research attaching importance to our relationship with industry. As a result, products and technologies that are closely related to daily life have been born. Many laboratories are investigating important issues confronting modern society, including issues related to the global environment and energy and the construction of a safe and secure society.

In the “Tekumyu” TechnoMuseum, we mainly exhibit technologies associated with our life as well as studies that make future life and society richer. One example is “asphalt to reduce splash and spray.” Such asphalt has greatly contributed to the prevention of traffic accidents because it can not only prevent visibility from deteriorating because of splash and spray produced by cars in front of one’s own; it also prevents vehicles from slipping. We might have been driving on this special asphalt without being aware of it.

Additionally, we present technologies under development that might make life more convenient and richer. At TechnoMuseum, you can catch a glimpse of the future society that is promised by state-of-the-art engineering.

Porous asphalt that reduces splash and spray Even during rain, rainwater is absorbed into the road surface. Thereby, splashing and spraying produced by running vehicles are reduced. This surface material also makes white lines clearly visible.

Information about TechnoMuseum

Location: 1F, First Faculty Bldg. of Materials Science, Management Information Systems, Nagaoka University of Technology
Open: 9:00–19:00 (weekdays)
Admission: Free

Magnesium Alloy Zone

Products using light and strong magnesium alloys are exhibited. Physically experience their lightness.

General Exhibition Zone

Many new technologies produced at Nagaoka University of Technology are exhibited. Take a look at them while imagining the future that they will provide when put into practical use.