Research and Instructional Centers

Center for Faculty Development

The Center for Faculty Development was established to promote synthetically engineering education of both undergraduate and graduate schools through improving educational contents and methods by means of investigation, plan and practice.
The main tasks are (a) faculty development of the schools,(b) measurement and analysis of the educational effects on the students and (c) planning and promoting the practical engineering education.

Center for General Education

The center manages courses in the liberal arts for undergraduate students and general studies for graduate students, as well as overall planning, improvement, and enhancement of common educational activities in relation to foreign language and/or basic engineering courses.

Language Center

The Language Center provides instruction in foreign languages and in humanities to students, while offering support to the faculty in their research and language training as well.

Physical Education and Health Care Center

The Center provides courses in health education and organizes physical education activities and team sports. The Center has the additional function of providing health and medical facilities to faculty and staff as well as students.
Medical research is also being carried out at the Center.

Analysis and Instrumentation Center

The Analysis and Instrumentation Center is equipped with a variety of largescale analytical equipment, and is open to use by students and faculty. Instruction on the theory and use of the equipment is presented in lecture form and training sessions.

Technology Development Center

The Technological Development Center was established to plan and energetically promote cooperative research projects on the part of the university and enterprises. The Center has following three main functions:

  1. Promotion of research collaboration between industry and university
  2. Development of teaching method for engineering education
  3. Offer of comprehensive training space for student

Center for Machining Technology Development

The center for Machining Technology Development plays a significant role in the advancement of the university. Study and research rooted in practical experience are supported by the center. The center contains a large variety of machinery including special equipment for faculty researchers. The center also assembles test apparatus and manufactures test pieces. The center gives a training course to students in machining and provides facilities for production engineering.

Extreme Energy-Density Research Institute

There are three big pulsed power apparatus in the Extreme Energy-Density Research Institute(EDI):"ETIGO-Ⅱ(Intense Pulsed Power Generator), "ETIGO-Ⅲ(Linear Induction Accelerator), and "ETIGO-Ⅳ"(Repetitive Pulsed Power Generator). Using these pulsed power apparatus together with the various kinds of beams such as electron, ion or laser beams, experimental studies are being carried out in various applications to materials science, energy, lasers, flue-gas treatment, high-speed projectile, and the environment.

Center for International Exchange and Education

Center for International Exchange and Education was established for the purpose of promoting international cooperation on educational programs and to fulfill international students’ academic necessity. The Center provides various programs on Japanese language and the culture as well as sincere counseling and the assistance to international students. The Center also offers necessary support to those students who want to study abroad.The Center also functions as a part to develop relationships with partner universities overseas.

Center for e-Learning Research and Apph2cation

CeRA(Center for e-Learning Research and Application) conducts research into the development of novel education systems incorporating leading-edge ICT, and through this research, enhances the potential of distance education.

Information Processing Center

The Information Processing Center provides common high performance computers and campus computer network environment with internet connectivity for faculty members.

Radioisotope Center

The Radioisotope Center is equipped with facilities for handling radioactive elements and nuclear fuel substances. It also houses equipment to prevent radiation hazards.

Sound and Vibration Engineering Center

The Center was established to offer complete facilities for research and development in the field of acoustics and vibration engineering.

Center for Science and Mathematics

The Center for Science and Mathematics was established in 1986 to provide teaching and research opportunities in the areas of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

Center for Multimedia System

The Center for Multimedia System was established in 1996 for the purpose of contributing to promote the distant education using the teleconference system and internet for the base of academic and educational collaboration, to practice the distant education by means of research and development of instructional methods and contents by utilizing the multimedia, information and communication technologies, and to advance the multimedia aided education and research .

Techno-Incubation Center

The center creates new industries and facilitates the development of new research with industries by distributing the technical and scientific knowledge of the university to local communities and industries.

Research Center for Advanced Magnesium Technology

The Research Center for Advanced Magnesium Technology was established for the purpose of promoting research and development of environmentally benign and high performance magnesium alloys as an industrial base material for the next generation.The Center consists of following two divisions: (1)Advanced Primary Magnesium Alloy Manufacturing Technology Division; and(2)Advanced Magnesium Processing Technology Division.

Center for Green-Tech Development in Asia

Rubber trees are one of the most promising biomass resources in Asia. Center for Green-Tech Development in Asia promotes research projects in collaboration with Asian countries to establish a total technology system including (1) development of new-generation polymers (green-polymers) originated from natural rubber instead of fossil resources, (2) recycling of green-polymer materials by chemical and biological decomposition, and (3) generation of energy from organic wastes released during the polymer production.

Research Center for Safe and Secure Society

The center is created to serve for society through various researches and studies on safety aspect of products and facilities, based on internationally accepted safety principles.

Advanced Methane-Utilization Research Center

This center aims to promote development of advanced Methane-utilization technologies towards earth-friendly low carbon emission human society and to educate the new generation engineers, based on interdisciplinary technologies through regional and international collaborations.

Gigaku Innovation Promotion Center

The main aims of the center are to promote the Academia-Industry Fusion researches for creating innovation and to promote Gigaku education for producing innovative practical engineers through the fusion research activities.

Intellectual Property Center

This Intellectual Property Center is working on the following activities in order to register,manage and utilize valuable research achievements, provided by faculty members and students of this University, as the intellectual properties of the University.

  1. Enlightening activity for creation of intellectual property
  2. Examination of patent application from University members, and appropriate requests and advices to the applicants
  3. Consultation regarding patent application
  4. Acquisition, management, and utilization of the intellectual property

Top Runner Incubation Center for Academia-Industry Fusion

The aim is to discover and invite talented younger researchers from world-wide Academic-industrial community and to bring them up as the Academia-Industry Fusion Top Runners, who are the leader and pioneers in the Science and Technology of next generation.

Center for Integrated Technology Support (CITS)

The aim of the center is to provide the integrated technology support to GIGAKU education and research activities of our university. Technology capability of the staffs is continuously advanced to create high quality and effective supports.