Doctoral Program

Our integrated curriculum extends to the doctoral program, as well. The doctoral program emphasizes the development of highly capable people who possess a broad perspective and flexible, creative thinking ability. The program aims to train engineers and researchers who can advance in their academic pursuits while at the same translating the results of their work into practical applications, such as the creation of new technologies.

Outline of Doctoral Program 2018

Information Science and Control Engineering


Covers engineering for information technology, knowledge and information engineering, precision / control engineering. Aims to develop a framework of interdisciplinary technologies for sensing, signal processing, sound / image processing; intelligent computational complex, genetics, cognitive process, decision making;modeling, molecular biology, intelligent control, precise machining. They are applied to production systems, mechatronics, robotics, biotechnology, human interfaces, medical welfare equipments and management systems.

Materials Science


This course covers research fields of technologies for(1)developing new,high-performance and highly functional materials with a wide variety of physical and chemical properties to meet an extensive need in science and technology, (2)combining these diverse materials to develop new materials with high performance and functions, and(3) evaluating materials used in various environments. It promotes advanced and pioneering researches and encourages talents capable of doing researches in these fields of technologies.

Energy and Environment Science


This course aims to solve existing problems to keep the balance between nature and human society to maintain our highly developed civilization, which we have established through the progress of technology. Solving energy problems requires developments of new energy sources and high-functional energy materials and improvement of energy saving technologies. We also need to understand the influence of a new technology in order to employ it in harmony with nature. Each elemental technology in these topics as well as an overall system of elements is a research subject in the course.

Integrated Bioscience and Technology


In recent years, biotechnology has accomplished rapid growth by integrating diverse scientific disciplines and technologies, such as chemistry, nanotechnology,and information science to solve the issues in human health and environment, the two major challenges that we are facing today. Integrated Bioscience and Technology course is aimed at generating individuals who integrate the knowledge in diverse scientific disciplines to develop novel ideas and technology to combat these modern problems. The staffs with the specialties in molecular and cellular biology,chemistry, information science, and environmental science cooperate to create the research and education programs in the three areas, bio-molecular engineering, cellular bioengineering, and bio- system engineering.