Student Life

Physical Education and Health Care Center

A large arena with the capacity of two basketball courts. It is used for volleyball, badminton, handball, table tennis, etc., in addition to basketball.

Training Room

A training room fully equipped with free weights, machines, ergometers, and other devices. A multipurpose space for aerobics and other activities is also arranged.

Indoor Swimming Pool

A warm indoor swimming pool with six 25-m-long courses.

A multipurpose martial arts facility used by Budokan judo, kendo, aikido, and karate clubs, and others.

Track Field

An athletic facility with a 400-m-long six-course track. The field is also used as a football pitch.

Baseball Field

A baseball only field with right and left field fences extending to 90 m.

Football Field

Used as a rugby field and an American football field.

Tennis Courts

Six courts with artificial turf used for both regulation tennis and soft tennis.

Multipurpose Turfed Area

A multipurpose athletic space used for softball and other sports.

Golf Driving Range

A practice range with eight driving stations.