Undergraduate Program

 Under the university's innovative system of engineering education, undergraduate students are admitted as juniors (third year students) and freshmen(first year students). We mainly accept technical college graduates as juniors; we also accept graduates of technical as well as general high schools as freshmen. Another feature of our admission policy is that many successful applicants are admitted solely on the basis of recommendations from their schools. We also accept international students in the twinning program as juniors.


Mechanical Engineering


 The department of the mechanical engineering is desired to correspond to the development of computer network, the globalization of society, the environmental problems and the aging society, and to make a social cotribution through the joint research projects with companies. The objective of this department is to nurture leading engineers and researchers who can create advanced machine and system through the education and research in the fields of the information and control, the production, the human environment and materials.


Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineering


 Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineering department involves Energy Systems Engineering group, Electronic Devices and Optical Electronics Engineering group, and Information and Telecommunication Systems group. The objectives of this department are not only the research and development for the functionally organized three fields noted above but also the education to incubate the pioneering engineers who are rich in vitality, originality and services.

Materials Science and Technology


 The course provides basic sciences and advanced technologies in the field of inorganic/organic/polymer materials based on the concepts of atoms and molecules, and devices with hybrid functions. The objective of our department is to educate students who will become pioneering engineers with creativities and abilities on the research and development of new materials and technologies for establishment of sustainable society.

Civil Engineering(*1)


 Civel Engineering groups are concerned with the research and development of technology to plan, design, build and maintain various infrastractures underlyining our economical and social activities. Furthermore, these groups are concerned with natural disaster prevention engineering and pollution control engineering.

Environmental Systems Engineering(*1)


 Today's environmental problems have grown to be truly global, in every respect. There is a strong need to consider the environment as a total system including many inter-connected subsystems formed by many natural and social factors. Transdisciplinary approaches are indispensable to make sustainable developments. This program built a modern curriculum to enhance the capabilities of the students from all engineering fields, and are continuing to nurture innovative engineers and scientists who can deal with environmental problems in an integrated and systematic manner.

Civil and Environmental Engineering(*1)


 This major aims to guide students to leading engineers and researchers who have specialist knowledge to plan, design, build and maintain infrastructures for social, cultural, and economic human activities considering environment, and also who have practical and creative ability to contribute the realization of sustainable society from integral vision and the mitigation of huge natural disaster.



 Bioengineering is the field in which the organisms’fine and dexterous functions such as recognition, transmission, movement and biosynthesis are investigated, and its outcome is employed for practical applications. Bioengineering major has been established to train students as high-leveled established engineers or researchers who are expert in basics and application of biology-related sciences. Courses offered are planned to provide knowledge in wide areas of both basics and applications.

Management and Information Systems Engineering/
Information and Management Systems Engineering(*2)


 The department aims to nurture progressive engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs who master state-of-the-art information science and technology and design management systems to shape them into products, systems or services, which eventually contributes to the realization of wholesome and pleasant individual living and an information society with diversity and sustainability.

*1「Civil Engineering」「Environmental Systems Engineering」
   →「Civil and Environmental Engineering」
*2「Management and Information Systems Engineering」
   →「Information and Management Systems Engineering」