International Collaboration Workshop on Japanese Language Education 2014 Held


On June 20, 2014 (Fri.), people in charge of Japanese language education in the Twinning Program that Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) has been implementing gathered together under one roof, and International Collaboration Workshop on Japanese Language Education 2014 was held with the title “Toward the Development of Japanese Language Education in the Twinning Program – Learning from Good Practice –”.

In the workshop, reports were made of effective methods and ideas for Japanese language education on which each twinning program was working; also, opinions were exchanged. It was a place to reflect on problems and take hints for improvement planning through each good practice, with the aim at further development of Japanese language education in the Twinning Program. For Japanese language teachers at NUT, it was also held as a place to report the current problems of Twinning Program students after they transferred, based on a questionnaire survey of teachers in charge and people concerned.

On the day, about 20 people participated, including Japanese language teachers of the Twinning Program at Hanoi University of Science and Technology and The University of Da Nang (Vietnam), Universidad de Monterrey (Mexico), and Zhengzhou University (China) and concerned teachers of NUT. They held discussions related to a wide range of topics, from selection of teaching materials based on the actual situation of each program, curriculum design, to efforts in Japanese language education in engineering.

NUT is currently implementing Twinning Programs with seven universities and institutes in four countries and Double Degree Programs with five universities in five countries. Additionally, we are implementing numerous international cooperative education programs with overseas universities. Through opportunities like this, we are striving to improve the programs.