Participated in “Dai Minyo-Nagashi” of Nagaoka Festival


This year again, the students and teaching staff of Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) participated in the eve of the Nagaoka Festival “Dai Minyo-Nagashi” held on August 1 (Fri.) as part of an exchange with local residents.

About 4,900 Nagaoka City residents of 54 groups participated in Dai Minyo-Nagashi. Participants from Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) were about 120 people, consisting of teaching staff, including President Dr. Niihara, Executive Director and Vice President Dr. Muto, Director Executive and Vice President Dr. Azuma, and Executive Director and Director, Administration Mr. Sugano, and students, including international students. They set out as a large group heading to “Suzuran Street” and “Ote Street” in front of the station, dressing in matching yukata and flying the university flag. They performed “Nagaoka Jinku” and “Ohanabi Ondo”, which was well received with loud applause from many residents and tourists who filled the streets.

Students also participated in “Yukyu Taiko” performance, which was held during the Nagaoka Festival, and which deepened exchanges with residents very much.

  • Group photograph
  • President Dr. Niihara waving the university flag
  • International students dancing Ohanabi Ondo
  • Circle dancing of Nagaoka Jinku