Opening Ceremony of Monterrey Office Held in Mexico


On August 21, as part of “Tri-Institutional (Toyohashi University of Technology, Institute of National Collages of Technology, Japan, and Nagaoka University of Technology) Collaborative/ Cooperative Educational Reformation Project” (Project for Promoting National University Reformation), the opening ceremony was held for “Nagaoka University of Technology Monterrey Office for Tri-Institutional Collaborative Project,” which opened on June 1.

The opening ceremony was attended by about 60 people, including people from Japan who were involved in Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) and the Institute of National Collages of Technology, Japan (INCT), people from home who were government officials of Nuevo Leon state and who were involved in Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) and Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UANL), as well as people from local enterprises and Japanese-owned companies in Monterrey. At the opening ceremony, Vice President Dr. Mikami (in charge of International Exchange) made a speech on behalf of Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT), and Professor Hozumi (Director of International Cooperation Center, TUT), Mr. Katsuhira (Manager of Head Office, INCT), and Dr. Carlos A. Charles Cruz (Academic Coordinator of School of Civil Engineering, UANL) made congratulatory speeches on behalf of the guests.

With the cooperation of UDEM and UANL, joint seminars and workshops were held on the same day. About 120 people participated, including teachers and students of UDEM and UANL, students of UDEM attached high school, and people involved in business enterprises. In the workshops, under the themes of “Building of a Wind Car” and “Principles of Liquefaction,” students of each university and those of the UDEM attached high school participated and deepened their understanding of the movements and phenomena of objects through building equipment and experiments.

NUT has concluded an academic exchange agreement with nine universities in Mexico, including UDEM, and currently has 18 Mexican students. In all, we have accepted 73 Mexican students, of which three students are engaged in education and research at local universities and research institutes after graduating from NUT.

NUT will continue to strengthen collaboration with concerned institutions and industry in Mexico from now on.

  • Vice President Dr. Mikami making a speech
  • Workshop