The 34th NUT Festival and the 16th International Festival Held Simultaneously


 The 34th NUT Festival and the 16th International Festival were held simultaneously for two days on September 13 (Sat.) and 14 (Sun.).

 Unfortunately, it was raining on and off on the 13th, the first day. Nevertheless, the festivals were implemented according to the rainy day schedule, and various indoor events entertained people. The 14th, the second day, was a fine autumn day and also a very lively day. Many people visited and enjoyed events that students had planned, including students’ performance on the main stage and the sub stage, which was set up outdoors, refreshment booths, an open lab, and special TechnoMuseum exhibitions.

 At the “International Festival,” which was held concurrently with the NUT Festival, international students from various countries sold dishes of their mother countries and performed dances. It became a good opportunity to interact with many local residents.

 On the occasion of holding of the NUT Festival and the International Festival, we appreciate those who supported us as well as those who came to visit.

 [Students activity participating in NUT Festival]

  • Experiment quiz by GIDAIGER and TEC
  • Brass band club Performance
  • Robocon project demonstration
  • Male synchronized swimming by the swimming club
  • Yukyu Taiko Club “Tsurukame-Kai” Performance
  • NUT tea ceremony by the tea ceremony club
  • Science experiment class by university teachers and students
  • International students performing dances of their mother countries
  • Refreshment booths by international students
  • Bingo meeting