2014 JNTO Award for Contribution to Invitation and Hosting of International Conferences Awarded


The executive committee of “The Second International GIGAKU Conference in Nagaoka” was given the “Award for Contribution to Invitation and Hosting of International Conferences” by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO).

The award was established in 2008 to raise public awareness of the meaning of invitation and hosting of international conferences and the further promotion by praising achievements made by hosts of international conferences, cities, and promotion organizations. This year marks its seventh anniversary. The award ceremony was held at Tokyo International Forum on December 9, in which a total of 12 projects were awarded: four projects in the category of Invitation of International Conferences and eight projects in the category of Hosting of International Conferences (including “The Second International GIGAKU Conference in Nagaoka”).

[Reasons behind the Award]
In collaboration with Nagaoka Tourism Convention Association, they implemented the conference mutual cooperation from the planning phase. It was an international conference originated from an independent plan as well as a pioneering model for other local areas as an example of international conferences held in local areas. In addition, holding the conference on a regular basis has improved the international profile of the region.

They encouraged students to participate. Then with a view to developing leaders to lead the next generation, advanced the development of human resources capable of providing leadership from perspectives of global and innovation.

Nagaoka City has been forming industrial clusters, particularly in machinery industries, from far in its past; historically, it has fostered an enthusiastic climate for the development of human resources, originating in the spirit of “Komehyappyo.” By holding conferences with full use of the characteristics, they contributed greatly to the vitality of local industry, the further deepening of research and discussion, and internationalization.

  • President Dr. Niihara being given a commendation shield