International Students Accepted by the SAKURA Exchange Program in Science


With the adoption of “Japan–Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science (SAKURA Exchange Program in Science), the short-term international student exchange support system of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)”, Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) invited a total of 10 postgraduate students (six from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and four from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia) for 21 days from November 4 to 24, 2014 to conduct research jointly with teachers of NUT.

The invited students were assigned to materials, chemistry, and biology laboratories, where they conducted experiments and analyses for about three weeks, seeking direction from their advisors. At the end, the invited 10 students, who made research presentations as a conclusion of the three weeks. The research presentations were attended by teachers and students of concerned laboratories and were followed by question and answer sessions, which became very productive.

From the gains made during these three weeks, we will actively promote joint research in the fields in which exchanges have never taken place, as well as continue further exchange activities with the universities.

  • Experiments in each laboratory
  • Commemorative photograph session following the research presentation