Tri-Institutional Joint Social Gathering Held in Vietnam


A joint social gathering of three institutes was held on November 27 (Thurs.) with the cooperation of Institute of National Colleges of Technology, Japan (INCT), Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT), and Vietnamese alumni of Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT). The social gathering was intended to strengthen the cooperation among graduates of the three institutes and current teaching staff and students of the respective institutes. In addition to 13 alumni of NUT who are active in Hanoi, Associate Prof. Tomomichi Nishino from INCT, Akita College, Prof. Seiji Iwasa, Prof. Hideki Yanada, Associate Prof. Naoki Uchiyama, and Specially Appointed Associate Prof. Lim Pang Boey from TUT participated in the gathering on behalf of INCT. From NUT, 28 people participated, most of whom were participants in the joint symposium with Hanoi University of Science and Technology. In a friendly atmosphere, the alumni reunited after many years and deepened their friendship with the attendees from NUT. Teaching staff of the three institutes were able to exchange their thoughts and opinions.

NUT has concluded an academic exchange agreement with seven universities and institutes in Vietnam, and 84 Vietnamese students (about 29% of all international students) are studying as of December 1, 2014. After having graduated or completed their programs, many alumni have remained active in their own respective countries. This has made us acknowledge once again the importance of the roles that NUT has played. From now on, NUT will continue to put a great deal of effort into strengthening collaboration with institutes in Vietnam, related to both research and education.

  • Group photograph of teaching staff and alumni of the three institutes
  • A toast led by Prof. Fukuda of NUT
  • Social gathering