Symposium with PIM, Kingdom of Thailand Held


 On November 11, 2015, a symposium was held at Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM), which is located near Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand, for educational and research exchanges between the university and Nagaoka University of Technology. Four teachers and a student, including Dr. Mikami, Vice President participated from NUT. This was the first symposium held for the mutual exchange of information about education and research and further deepen exchanges with the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, PIM, which is a partner that has concluded an inter-faculty academic exchange agreement with the Department of Information and Management Systems Engineering, NUT.

 At the symposium, following the summary explanations of educational and research activities in the two universities and the departments, a total of six cases of study, mainly in the field of information technology, were reported from both universities. Not only teachers at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, but also many students attended from PIM, in which we were able to make a strong impression of education and research at NUT.

 PIM is a university established by CP All Public Company, which runs convenience stores, supermarkets, etc., on a large scale in the Kingdom of Thailand, and adopts “Creating Professionals through Work-based Education” as its motto. In education, the university implements long-term internships. In research, they deal with many practical themes jointly with companies. The direction is similar to NUT, which implements long-term internships (Jitsumu-kunren) and makes it a principle to conduct and support practical education and research.

 Taking this as an opportunity, we aim at broader exchanges, which are not limited to those between the departments, as well as deepening exchanges through exchanges of teachers and students and the implementation of joint research with PIM.

 We strive to realize industry-university joint research in Thailand, and with CU-NUT GIGAKU TECHNO PARK Office as the base, promote more active exchanges and cooperation between students and researchers in the two countries.