Local international exchange

NUT international students have various opportunities to attend events including the International Festival at NUT, in cooperation with local organizations and communities such as Niigata International Association and Nagaoka International Exchange Association.

Events in the Community

Nagaoka International Festival

Nagaoka International Festival takes place at NUT in September annually in cooperation with Nagaoka city local communities.
International students of NUT perform traditional dances, prepare foods from all around the world, etc.


- Visits to local elementary and junior high schools - Nagaoka City
- Japanese Speech Contest
- Home stays
- Party for international students
- Nagaoka Festival (Festival Grand Parade) etc.

Nagaoka City International Affairs Center CHIKYU-HIROBA

Some cross-cultural events are also introduced by the Nagaoka City International Affairs Center, CHIKYU-HIROBA.  They also provide useful information about daily living for residents from overseas.

Nagaoka City International Affairs Center (CHIKYU-HIROBA) :

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