Summary of CIEE


The Center for International Exchange and Education (CIEE) was established in April 2011 as a joint facility for campus-wide education and academic research in Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT).
The purposes of the Center include, promoting international exchange between international organizations, teaching international students the Japanese language and supporting them to enjoy their lives in and outside campus, promoting interchanges between international students and Japanese students, and providing support for Japanese students who are planning to study abroad.



    Head :SUGIMOTO Mitsutaka, Professor
    Assistant Head :OKAWA Harumi
    Faculty Staff :Thwe Thwe Aung, Assistant Professor
    Faculty Staff :IWAHASHI Masahiro, Professor
    Faculty Staff :Siriporn Taokaew, Assistant Professor
    Faculty Staff :TAKAHASHI Osamu, Professor
    Faculty Staff :Lu Minjiao, Professor
    Faculty Staff :MATSUDA Yoko, Associate Professor
    Faculty Staff :TAKIMOTO Koichi, Professor
    Faculty Staff :Do Thi Mai Dung, Assistant Professor
    Faculty Staff :YAMADA Noboru, Professor
    Faculty Staff :BAN Hiromi, Professor
    Faculty Staff :LEE IIZUKA Naoko, Associate Professor
    Faculty Staff :NAGANO Kenjiro, Lecturer
    Faculty Staff :Drier Brian Seth, Assistant Professor
    Faculty Staff :SUDA Aruna Rohra, Professor
    Administrative Staff :(OKAWA Harumi, Manager, Division of International Affairs)
    Administrative Staff :OSAKI Hiroyuki, Assistant Manager, Division of International Affairs
    Administrative Staff :SHIMOZUMA Isao, Chief, Section of International Planning
    Administrative Staff :IKARASHI Chie, Chief, Section of International Exchange
    Administrative Staff :MARUYAMA Nobuo, Chief, Section of International Student Affairs
    Administrative Staff :YASUHARA Akiko, Specialist in Charge of International Cooperation
    Administrative Staff :YOSHIOKA Aiko, Coordinator
    Administrative Staff :NAKAMURA Mari, Leader, Section of International Student Affairs
    Administrative Staff :MIYAYAMA Ryo, Staff, Section of International Planning
    Administrative Staff :MURAKAMI Marie, Staff, Section of International Exchange