International Education Program

■The International Education Program is part of the global mission of Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) to cultivate future engineers who can lead in the global community. NUT has developed various education programs with its the partner universities across the world, which include the first twinning program established by a Japanese national university.

Twinnig Program

■Twinning programs at Nagaoka University of Technology offer outstanding Asian as well as Central and Latin American students a unique opportunity to receive a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Japan. Students receive fundamental undergraduate engineering education as well as Japanese-language education for 2.5 or 3 years at their home universities (the first half of the program). After completing the first half of the program at the home university, the students transfer to the third year of undergraduate programs in Nagaoka University of Technology (or other consortium universities) and receive undergraduate engineering education (the latter half of the program). It is an interdisciplinary program with the purpose of nurturing leading engineers proficient in the Japanese Language, in which the home university abroad and Nagaoka University of Technology work together as equal partners.

 Viet Nam :

  1. Hanoi University of Science and Technology
  2. Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology
  3. University of Danang

  Mexico : 

  1. Instituto Technologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
  2. Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon

 China :

  1. Zhengzhou University

  Malaysia :

  1. Twinning Program (JAD)

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Double Degree Program (Graduate School)

■The Double Degree Program enables the student to obtain two degrees (from Nagaoka University of Technology and Double Degree Program Partner University) upon graduation by completing the curricula of the degree programs of both universities.

It is necessary to fulfill both degree requirements set by NUT and the partner institution

■South Korea :
Pusan National University (Doctoral Program)
■Mexico :
University of Guanajuato (Master’s Program)

Joint Program for Master Degree

■The Joint Program for Master Degree offers students of the partner university the opportunity to transfer to the Master's Course at NUT effectively.
In this Joint Program, in the final year of the undergraduate program at the home university, students are able to take senior projects at NUT as exchange students before transferring to NUT to enter the first year of the ME (Master of Engineering) Degree course at NUT. Transfer to NUT is conditional on successfully completing the undergraduate program at the partner university.
   Thammasat University

International Graduate Course

International Graduate Course for Continuing Professional Education

■This course aims to provide the opportunity to study and research in engineering fields for researchers and engineers from primarily from nations in Asia and Latin America, so that they can contribute to the industrial development of their home countries.


■NUT invites master-course students and final-year undergraduates to this program with a scholarship, and offers them the opportunity to do research on campus and participate in internship in companies or institutions. The Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) Program is implemented by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).

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