International Students at NUT

Currently, about 300 international students from about 30 countries and regions are enrolled at NUT. To promote friendship between people of various nations, Int’l students have formed Nagaoka University of Technology International Student Association (NUTISA). NUTISA provides various information to international students as well as promoting various events for international students.

NUT International Students Association (NUTISA)

●NUTISA was established by international students at NUT to promote friendship between people of various nations. NUTISA promotes various events such as sports events, international festivals, and a Christmas party for international students and provide helpful information that makes international students’ life in Nagaoka easier and more comfortable.

●Information from NUTISA

Club Activity


NUT students have a variety of extracurricular options in the arts, sports, academics and social fields. Currently, there are about 50 officially recognized clubs and various independent groups that are very active.

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Alumni Association across the globe

There are overseas NUT alumni in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Alumni Information