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Campus Dormitories


Sports Facilities

International Friendship Lounge

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Tutorial System

If you are a newly arrived international student, your academic and daily life may be made easier by a graduate student, assigned as your personal tutor, who may assist you on an extracurricular basis in areas such as Japanese language, your major field of study and living conditions.
Tutors are chosen based on the academic advisor's recommendation before your arrival. This is offered for half a year for international students newly coming to Japan. You are encouraged to invite your tutor to participate in any of the events organized for international students.

Campus Dormitories

Student Dormitory

Available for male Japanese undergraduate students and male international students

International House

Available for male international students, researchers and Japanese graduate students.

International Student House

Available for female international students and Japanese undergraduate students

30th Anniversary Student House

Available for international students and Japanese graduate students.

International Lodge (off-campus)

Available for international students, researchers and Japanese doctoral students.


The following facilities are available on the campus.



Dai-ICHI Cafeteria

Self-serve style. 340 seats.
Japanese, Chinese and noodles
Reasonable price & nutritionally well balanced

Dai-NI Cafeteria

Table service. 60 seats.
Variety of Western food


Self-serve style. 52 seats.
Snacks & drinks


Books, stationery, electronics,
food, drinks, fresh vegetables and other daily items


Reservation must be made.


Dry cleaning is offered


Hokuetsu bank, Taiko bank,
JP Bank (Post Office savings)
Hokuetsu bank (T, TH),  Taiko bank (M, W, F)

Sports Facilities

Gymnasium, budokan (for Judo, Kendo etc), athletic field, baseball field, rugby field, tennis court, multi-purpose field, golf practice facility, archery range, indoor swimming pool and machine room.

International Friendship Lounge

As a place for interactions among international and Japanese students, there is an International Friendship Lounge located on the 2nd floor of the Materials Science & Management Information Systems building.
This space can be used for individual studies and ordinary conversations, and meetings.
* Available hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 20:00
Mutsumi-kai, a voluntary group organized to support NUT int’l students, holds general counseling at the International Friendship Lounge every Wednesday afternoon.

Support Organization (Mutsumi–kai )

Besides physical and health counseling, Mutsumi-kai also holds weekly counseling at the International Friendship Lounge. Mutsumi-kai is a voluntary group organized to support NUT international students. Other than conducting general counseling every week, Mutsumi-kai also sponsors several events and activities for international students such as a speech contest, zazen, bazaar, and farewell parties on an annual basis. Those who are interested in joining these events, please inquire directly to the Mutsumi-kai staff.