The Award for "Initiatives for Attractive Education in Graduate Schools" in 2006.
Nagaoka University of Technology

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"Advanced Research Internship Program with Self-Proposal"
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3G Mind Course
Master-Doctoral Successively Integrated Course for Training Leading Researchers with 3G Mind

Purpose Training to promote ethics on environment, safety and security and to practice international outlook and excellent manufacturing skills
Features ・Master-Doctoral Integrated Course and Advanced Research Internship Program with Self-Proposal
・"Spiral-Up" of Technological Education Curriculum
・Practicality and Initiatives Training System with Initiative Research Proposal
・Co‐op Educational System (Multi‐Mentoring System of Domestic and Overseas Universities, Companies, and Public Research Institutes)
・Pacific Rim Network of Collaborative Education and Research System

Sustainable Progress of Nagaoka University of Technology

1.Spirit of VOS[}Vitality, Originality and Services
2.Technology Education:interdisciplinary fusion of theory and practice, and constant feedback
3.Training program of the leading and front-runner researchers with excellent practicality and originality


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