Initiation of the Jitsumu-Kunren Internship Program to Mexico.

In August and September 2016, five NUT students left Japan to participate in the Jitsumu-Kunren overseas internship program in Mexico (Universidad de Monterrey and Universidad de Guanajuato) for this academic year.

Fourth-year students in NUT’s undergraduate program who are scheduled to continue to the master’s program participate in the Jitsumu-Kunren internship program for approximately five months in the second term of their course. This program, which is assigned 8 credits, involves the students interning at work sites such as companies. As a result, students gain a fundamental understanding of the research themes in their master’s program and profession, which can be highly useful in facilitating the creation of future technologies.

In addition, the student interns fulfill the role of teaching assistant (TA) in Japanese language classes held at the partner universities and undergo practical training at local companies.

At the culmination of the undergraduate program, the long period of five months spent in Mexico and the interactions with local students are expected to help the NUT students mature into practical engineers with language skills and international understanding.

Industrial practical training (2015) TA for Japanese language classes (2015)