Holding of the First External Evaluation Committee Meeting.

On October 8, 2016, the First External Evaluation Committee Meeting for the Inter-University Exchange Project (Mexico) was held at NUT.

The External Evaluation Committee was established to assess the project’s achievement status during its period of implementation (FY2015–FY2019) and to devise improvements. This committee conducts overall evaluations and provides feedback to the project. The meeting was scheduled to coincide with a visit from representatives of the Mexican partner universities and officials from the Department of Education of Guanajuato. The committee members included Mexican embassy officials, representatives of Japanese companies, and staff from institutes such as universities. During the meeting, lively discussions were held regarding the previously-implemented initiatives and future issues.

These meetings will continue to be conducted periodically together with self-assessments, thereby supporting the continued enhancement of the project.

Members of the External Evaluation Committee Discussions in progress Videoconferencing with the partner KOSEN colleges