Holding of the First Steering Committee Meeting in FY2017.

On June 1, 2017, the First Steering Committee Meeting for the Inter-University Exchange Project (Mexico) for FY2017 was held between NUT and the four collaborative KOSEN colleges through videoconferencing.

The committee members—comprising representatives and academic staff from NUT and the four KOSEN colleges (Tsuruoka, Ibaraki, Oyama, and Nagaoka)—were appointed to promote this project with the aim of establishing the KOSEN-UT engineering education model as an international collaborative engineering education model through deepening of bilateral relations and planning for global implementation.

This first meeting in FY2017 saw full attendance by all academic staff assigned to the project, and the members reviewed the performance reports of activities conducted in FY2016 and the scheduled plans for FY2017.

The collaboration between NUT and the KOSEN colleges forms the cornerstone of this project, and further engagements will continue to include the active use of videoconferencing and the dynamic exchange of ideas.