Development of Personnel
who can Utilize their Over seas Experiences

Type of Personnel to be Developed

This program will support the development of practical and leading engineers who can excel in research and development to solve problems at the global scale by allowing students to have first-hand experience of world-class engineering through multiple overseas trips. This is possible due to the seamless practical engineering education provided by the KOSEN-UT program.

Personnel who have visited the partner country multiple times

Personnel who have experienced several overseas trips through various arrangements, such as teaching assistants for experiments and practical training, double degree programs, twinning programs, and short-term study exchange programs

Personnel who are able to accomplish research at an international level and generate creative ideas

Personnel who have satisfied specific foreign language ability criteria, and have the motivation and ability to actively engage in communication

Personnel with strong communication abilities

Personnel who have experienced the global spread of industrial activities, and have the motivation and specialized knowledge to actively contribute to problem solving at the global scale

Provision of Opportunities for Multiple Overseas Study Trips
(Example of a Japanese Student)

Staged Personnel Development and Strengthening Language Abilities

In addition to appropriately setting tasks that match the students' levels, this project will strengthen the students’ practical language abilities through multiple overseas study experiences.

Students will acquire English language abilities that enable them to lead international joint projects and joint research as engineers
The program aims to develop truly global trilingual personnel who have acquired conversational Spanish language skills