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Nagaoka University of Technology intends to build a hub for global human resources development and new industry creation under the Japanese government’s initiative. Global human resources are those people who work in the field of green innovation (environment, energy, biotechnology, and materials science) leading to a sustainable society. For that purpose, an integrated double degree course is newly set up and promoted in the Graduate School. Through a cooperative education system of interaction with countries in the Pacific Rim, the University produces a number of professionals who will be able to realize intensive use and intensive resource recovery of biomass resources, industrial waste, and so on.

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Hold a Awarding of Honorary Doctorate, Dr. Jose Manuel Cabrera Sixto/Universidad de Guanajuato
IGCN 2014 - Opening -
IGCN 2014 - Uploaded Program -
The 3rd International GIGAKU Conference in Nagaoka (IGCN 2014) - Closing abstract submission -
Kick-off Meeting
Pacific-rim-hub course guidance
Joint Symposium - Universiti Sains Malaysia -
Special Lecture - Universidad de Guanajuato -
Joint Seminar - Chulalongkon University -
Joint Seminar - Universiti Sains Malaysia -
Special Lecture - Universiti Sains Malaysia -
Special Lecture - Chulalongkon University -
Website launched

Research Seminars

Year 2014
2014.07.26 6th research seminer
2014.07.17 5th research seminer
2014.07.10 4th research seminer -adjournment-
2014.06.26 3rd research seminer
2014.06.05 2nd research seminer
2014.05.29 1st research seminer

Year 2013
2013.05.23 ~ 2014.01.23 Total 18 times
Year 2012
2012.05.24 ~ 2013.02.26 Total 30 times
Year 2011
2011.07.21 ~ 2012.03.21 Total 20 times

Pacific Rim Project

Year 2014
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