Information for International Students

Information for International Students

About Campus Life

  • 留学生現況届:Notification of the Personal Record
  • 旅行届:Report of Travelling (Overseas/within Japan)
  • 進路届:Notification of Past & Future
  • 学生生活ガイドブック:Student Life Guidebook
  • 留学生のためのガイドブック:Guidebook for International Students
  • チューター制度:Tutor



 The following activities were organaized by Kokusai-ka in the academic year 2016; and we plan to offer similar events in 2017. Details and entry deadline will be informed to you before each event.

  • 技大祭/国際祭り:Gidai-sai/International Festival
  • 外国人留学生等実地見学旅行:Study Trip for Int'l Students and others
  • 留学生等交流懇談会:Party for Int'l Students
  • ホームステイ:Homestay
    ホームステイ報告書:Report for Homestay
  • 外国人留学生等スキー研修:Ski Training Trip

About Daily Life


Website of Immigration Bureau of JAPAN


英語対応可能な医療機関:Hospitals and Clinics Providing English Support

ごみの分別と出し方:Classification and Disposal of Trash and Recyclable Materials
  • 長岡市ごみと資源物の分け方と出し方 → 長岡市
  • 『2013年4月からのごみと資源物の分け方と出し方』冊子の多言語版
    The multilingual versions of Nagaoka City, A Guide to Classification and Disposal of Trash and Recyclable Materials since April 2013 → Website of Nagaoka City(Chikyu Hiroba)
日本における交通安全ガイド:Traffic Safety Guidelines

Traffic Safety Guidelines for Pedestrians and Cyclists → external link

Other Info

Website of Nagaoka City is now multi-lingual. → Website of Nagaoka City

Multilingual Living Information:Information about daily life necessary for foreigners to live in Japan is included on this homepage in several languages. → external link

facebook:国際課 facebook