Information for International Students

Information for Interenational Students

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留学生現況届:Notification of the Personal Record ⇒ Excel

※ これらの情報を、大学内の他の部署とも共有する時もあります。

 ALL the international students are required to submit this form every year, within the first half of April. The information is used to support you better & contact you when necessary. (New students: within the week of enrollment.)
 Do fill out ALL the columns and submit to kokusai-ka. When any change is made, please inform us.
※ Please know that these information may be shared among other offices inside NUT.

旅行届:Report of Travelling (Overseas/within Japan) ⇒ Word


 When you plan to go overseas (to your homeland or to others) OR plan to be away from NUT for more than a week, Kokusai-ka requests you to report beforehand.
 Please allow us to contact you in case of emergency including disaster, terrorism, infectious disease outbreak.

進路届:Notification of Past & Future ⇒ Excel


 When you are leaving NUT, for graduation or for other reason, you are requested to submit this form to Kokusai-ka. Please fill out all the columns and send it to us BEFORE your studentship at NUT ends, so we may keep in contact.

学生生活ガイドブック:Student Guidebook ⇒ Pdf

留学生のためのガイドブック:Guidebook for International Students ⇒ Pdf



 If you are a newly arrived int’l student, basically a student appointed by your academic advisor/class teacher (usually a Japanese graduate student) will assist you on your academic and daily life for your first 3 months in Japan. You are encouraged to invite your tutor to participate to any of the events organized for int’l students.
 If you find your assigned tutor unsuitable for some reasons, you should feel free to discuss the matter with your academic advisor or any of Kokusai-ka staffs.

 ・チューター報告書 ⇒ Excel
 ・最終報告書 ⇒ Word
 ・指導計画書 ⇒ Excel