Producing practical engineers
to meet the needs of global society

President Nobuhiko AZUMA

Nobuhiko AZUMA

On Oct 2014, our project “The Education Program for Innovative Global Engineers ~ Toward development of an integrated global campus with collaboration between industry, academia, and government ~” was selected as one of Top global universities. We have been promoting globalization of not only in our university but also in local area.

Our university is constructing a globally fused campus, aimed at overseas development of education and research based on our interdisciplinary and active international exchange results and science of technology and also has been acknowledged by business as a university to lead the globalization of Japanese society.

Ahead of other universities, our university has developed and implemented educational programs including its twinning program and the double degree program. Moreover, it has energetically accepted international students. Since 1990, we have actively sent many students forth to foreign corporations for six-month periods and let them experience business overseas.

Further efforts will be undertaken to cultivate the development of practical engineers who will create innovation in global fields and participate in the globalization of Japan’s small and midsize and local companies through the GIGAKU educational research network and GIGAKU techno park network, to develop and construct long-term KOSEN (Colleges of Technology) and Nagaoka University of Technology system and industry-university collaborative systems in foreign next-generation strategy areas, which we have established to date based on the science of technology and which could not have been conducted by other universities. Thank you in advance for your continued support.