Top Global University Project Overview

To improve the international competitiveness of Japan’s higher education, we aim to promote radical internationalization through collaboration with outstanding universities overseas, through university reform, and through lending intensive support combined with system reform to top universities doing education and research at a world-class level or global universities leading internationalization.

[Type A] Top type

Top Type is for world-class universities that have the potential to be ranked in the top 100 in world university rankings.

[Type B] Global traction type

Global Traction Type is for innovative universities that lead the internationalization of Japanese society, based on continuous improvement of their current efforts.

Type B (Global traction type), List of Selected Universities

Chiba University , Tokyo University of Foreign Studies , Tokyo University of the Arts ,
Nagaoka University of Technology , Kanazawa University , Toyohashi University of Technology , Kyoto Institute of Technology , Nara Institute of Science and Technology , Okayama University , Kumamoto University , Akita International University , The University of Aizu , International Christian University , Shibaura Institute of Technology , Sophia University , Toyo University , Hosei University , Meiji University , Rikkyo University , Soka University , International University of Japan , Ritsumeikan University , Kwansei Gakuin University , Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Our image by achieving the Vision

The university leading the Innovative Global Engineering Education
with a strong network among world-leading strategic
regions in the next-generation.

Elements of the vision

Pillar of this initiative

Outline of contents

GIGAKU=Science of Technology

Natural Science represents scientific approach to natural phenomena. In contrast, GIGAKU represents scientific approach to technology. Basic philosophy of NUT is education to develop practical engineers based on GIGAKU and carry out the research and development aimed to industry innovation.