GIGAKU Techno Park Network|Nagaoka University of Technology Top Global University Project

GIGAKU Techno Park Network

Promoting Industry-Academia-Government Cooperation Model at overseas strategic regions and establishing GIGAKU Techno Park Network.

Integrated global campus

Integrated global campus developing with GIGAKU techno park (GTP)network

We aim to construct an Integrated global campus at each strategic area by combining industry?university?government cooperation projects and science and technology practical education though Techno-parks that have been developed globally (GTP). Especially, we intend to develop international joint research, put research seeds into effect, apply the results to product development, and promote multiple dispatch of students of universities, technical colleges and high schools, SME engineers, and faculties.

Integrated global campus

Academia-industry research in the field of engineering technology, which is expected to respond to global social needs, will provide global-scale support for technical and industrial innovation in the overseas expansion of Japanese companies through GTP network and planning, designing, manufacturing, marketing, etc. of Japanese and overseas companies and small-medium enterprises.

International collaborative research programs

Industry-academia collaboration research projects in each strategies country

With our ability to develop industry-university research, we investigate national and international companies’ needs and technological innovation to realize industrial innovation though global joint research with companies. In addition, letting corporate researchers participate in this practical global application research, we construct and operate a new system for cultivating global engineers as valuable human resources.

GIGAKU Techno Park Network

GIGAKU Techno Park (GTP) will be established with participation by local industry, academia, and government, led by Nagaoka University of Technology and collaborating universities, research institutions, overseas companies and governments entering the local market, etc. in the GTP strategic regions (Guanajuato in Mexico, Hanoi in Vietnam, Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, Bangkok in Thailand, Penang in Malaysia, and Basque in Spain). At the same time, the GTPs will be networked together to promote the globalization of Industry-Academia-Government collaboration.

Upbringing of practical and global engineers

Upbringing of human resources for innovations and highly qualified global engineer

Through an industry?university?government cooperation research project, we support the development of global practical human resources and engineers to meet the needs of global society.

Globalization of Japanese SMEs

Globalization of Japanese SMEs by supporting and driving with GTP

Based on GTP, we will help Japanese small and midsize companies to advance overseas and will establish ventures to start up and support continuous innovation of Japanese-affiliated and local corporations.