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Anechoic Room

In the anechoic room, the size of the inside measurement is 9m in width, 6m in depth, and 7m in height (volume is 378 cube meter). The vertical incidence sound pressure acoustic absorptivities are 99% on more than 60Hz, and 99.9% on more than 250Hz. The floor space is 153 square meter and there are 1058 wedges.

Reverberation Chamber

In the reverberation chamber, we have two rooms. The first room is a hexahedron structure. The floor space is 54 square meter and the volume is 280 cube meter. The second room, the wall is a scalene pentagonal structure, and the ceiling and the floor are not parallel. The floor space is 44 square meter and the volume is 330 cube meter.

Soundproof Room

We have two soundproof rooms.