大学院生I graduated with a PhD from the Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) in 2020. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the NUT, which decided to provide me with an emergency support scholarship in the spring of 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. The scholarship has helped me somewhat overcome my difficulties in daily life to focus on my studying and researching. This scholarship is also the source of motivation for me to complete my PhD at the NUT. Thank you very much to the seniors, parents, sponsors, and those who have supported the university. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Yours Sincerely,
大学院生Being a self-financed student, I am eternally grateful to you for this emergency assistance scholarship provided to us in such a great difficult time. I am thanking you again for understanding the situation well and encouraging the students to pursue their goals.
大学院生2020年8月に長岡技術科学大学を卒業しました。新型コロナの影響で大変な年でしたが そのような状況で、私は学校の卒業生だけでなく、恩人からの支援も貰いました。それは私がスムーズに卒業して就職するのに役立ちました。私はあなたの助けに感謝するために最善を尽くします。私たちとみんなが一緒にこの困難な時期を乗り越えます。健康をお祈りしております。
大学院生I sincerely thank you the seniors, parents, and those who keep on supporting the university. I am one of those students who received the university emergency support scholarship last spring. This scholarship was of great help to me because it helped me concentrate on my studies, Lab research, thesis paper and job hunting. At the end I was able to graduate and find a job. Once more that you for your donations. In future I intend to be like you and assist the life studies of the younger ones.
大学院生To all the donators and people who contributed to the scholarship,
I would like to expressed my deepest gratitude to you for your generosity and kindness. The scholarship has help me get through the hard time during the pandemic. It also encouraged me to continue my study to higher degree when my financial condition was not sufficient. I could not express how grateful I am through these word only. I wish all the best for you, your family and friend.
Thank you and Best regards,
大学院生We are truly grateful for financial aid provided during this corona pandemic situation. Thank you again.
大学院生It is respectfully stated that I do really appreciate the loan support that I had received via the Nagaoka University of Technology. By making use of the student loan, I could pay the tuition fees in a timely manner as well as I could concentrate upon my research studies without any worries for financial difficulties during the pandemic. Once again, the exemption for the loan repayment supported the shipment costs for my numerous books, Wi-Fi contract cancellation fee and supporting other small necessitate expenses for preparation upon going back to my country with the relief flight. Here again, I would like to say thank you very much for the loan support and do please accept my regards.
大学院生At this current pandemic situation, as an international doctoral student who is self-funded, I have been facing lots of financial difficulties. The scholarship support of 300,000 yen which I received is a huge relief and I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude for all the supporters behind this. Please accept my heartiest thanking for the support you all gave me during this hard time. Thank you very much!
大学院生私は大学院で勉強するために日本に平成29年に来たモンゴル人の留学生です。二年間で修士を卒業して奨学金を受けてないままで博士になったんですが、自分でアルバイトをしながら頑張っていました。しかし、今年コロナで私のように留学生だけじゃなくて日本人も皆生活するのがもっと難しくなって来ました。自分は国に帰るしか解決法がなかったのに助けて貰いました。 パンデミックの際に私たちを支えてくれた全ての人に感謝します。
大学院生I was in very difficult situation with my financial situation in this Covid-19 crisis. However, fortunately, I received the financial help during this period. It helped solved lots of financial problems with my reduced income from my part-time and covered my daily expenses for living and food costs. Therefore, I would like to highly appreciate your kind help and consideration to the students like me. Thank you so much for helping me out during these difficult times. Your help has been invaluable; I do not know how I would have managed without your help and support. Again, thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate your generosity.
大学院生Dear Don.
2020/04~2020/05 as a reciept of, I wanted to thank you for funding this scholarship. Thank you for this scholarship again, I will be able to focus more or my studies and research. I hope to give back your investrent in the Nagaoka University of Technology and student like me, I hope to give back to the university someday and help a student reach their life and educational goals with a this fund.
大学院生I would like to say thank you for your support. I received and it helped me a lot to survive in the pandemic without a scholarship, a job, and even financial support from parents. It was overwhelming until I got support from the Nagaoka University of Technology. I can`t stop sending thousands of thanks and blessings to all people who take a part in this donation.
大学院生In 2019 after pandemic hits, I lost my part time job, at that time I was live in Yokohama with my family (son and wife). Life become very hard for me and my family. So, this student loan was a big relief to me, I have no words to thanks for seniors who facilitate this fund. Thank you very much for your kind heart.
大学院生Dear Donors,
I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for your help in financing in very difficult situation. This assistance is for us a warm and bright ray of light representing good and caring people who are attentive to the plight of others. Being that our needs are many, this aid helps us greatly. May you be blessed for your careful consideration and decision to understand and us in our endless struggle to manage. It means a lot to the students who were in very difficult like me. I was in serious financial crisis. It helped me a lot in solving my daily financial problems during Covid-19 as I lost my part-time in that time. And my family was also in very difficult situation to support and help me in this struggle. Due to this financial help, I could be able to stand the difficulties alone to some extent. I would like to deeply thank for all your kindness and help. I wish all of you to be in great health.


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