その他支援 Other Support


Nagaoka University of Technology has established various support systems for international students to enjoy life smoothly as students and residents.

メディカルアシスト/Medical Assistance

本学が提携している日本エマージェンシーアシスタンス株式会社の留学生向け医療等相談サービス(inbound Medical Assistance Service)です。大学が費用を負担しています。
対象:留学生(特別聴講学生、特別研究生、研究生を含む。) 留学生の家族は対象外です。
Starting from April 2024, international students (including exchange, research
exchange - and research students) accepted at NUT will be able to use a 24/7
medical consultation service (Medical Assistance) designed for international
※Medical Assistance
This is the inbound Medical Assistance Service for international students provided by
Emergency Assistance Japan, with which NUT has a partnership. NUT covers the cost. It can only be used within Japan.
Please note that this is NOT a medical insurance and all medical expenses
(treatment of illnesses or injuries) charge YOU. We strongly recommend you
to have an medical insurance such as National Health Insurance separately.
For example, you can use it in situations like these:
"I'm not feeling well and want to go to the hospital, but I don't know
which hospital to visit."
"I can't explain my symptoms in ** language."
"I don't understand the explanation of the medication or the diagnosis results."
Target: International students (including exchange-, research exchange and
research students).
The families of international students are not eligible for this service.
Service Contents:
・You can consult 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by phone.
・You will be provided Clinic/Hospital information over the telephone, to see
a doctor nearby your residence.
・Three-way telephone translation service is available in 18 languages.
Important note: Submission of a consent form is required.
This service does not cover signing as a guarantor in case of
hospitalization or treatment, or signing consent forms for surgery, etc.
If you need to sign something, please ask your family in your home country.

サービスガイド/Assistance Service Guide

ダウンロードのリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。日本語(PDF:136KB)  ダウンロードのリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。English(PDF:123KB)  ダウンロードのリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。中国語(PDF:158KB)

電話番号/Telephone Number

Call the number below when you need medical assistance services:


* This is not a toll-free line. Please note that you need to pay for the telephone
* Please inform YOUR NAME and NAME OF YOUR UNIVERSITY to the service
company when you call.

同意書 Consent Form

同意書はGoogle Formから提出してください。        外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。Google Form
Please submit the consent form from this Google Form.  外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。Google Form

教育支援プログラム/Educational Support Programs

日本での生活、就学にあたり日本語の習得は欠かせません。また、工学部の基礎科目においても、母国との教育方法の違いや教科における専門語彙等が授業内容理解の障害になることもめずらしくありません。これらの問題には グローバル教育センターが中心となって対応しています。日本語教育部門は留学生の日本語のニーズとレベルの分析のもと、それらに応じた多様な 日本語授業科目を開講しているほか、専門教育部門では専門基礎科目に係る補講相談を行うなどして教育支援を行っています。

Mastering Japanese language is necessary for life and study in Japan. It is not uncommon that differences in educational methods from students’ mother countries or technical vocabularies in a course of study become an obstacle to understand class contents even in the basic subjects of study at the Faculty of Engineering. These problems are dealt with mainly by the Global Education Center. Analyzing international students’ needs and levels of Japanese language, the division of Japanese language education offers widely various Japanese language subjects according to their needs and levels of proficiency. The division of specialized education provides educational support by, for example, giving advice on make-up lessons related to basic specialized subjects.

生活支援プログラム/Student Life Support Programs


International students, all of whom have come from different countries and cultures, might have various anxieties about life and study in Japan. To alleviate those concerns even a little, Nagaoka University of Technology strives continually to improve its support programs. It actively uses the following systems and opportunities for consultation.

グローバル教育センター/Global Education Center


This consultation center addresses the needs of international students. In addition to educational support programs, it is in charge of daily life guidance and the promotion of exchange with the local community.

学生相談体制/Student Consultation System


For all NUT students, we provide advice related to various problems of health care, school attendance, etc. Particularly after entering NUT, we allocate advisory teachers for students who have not yet been assigned to a laboratory and provide consolations more closely.

LGBT等に関する相談/Regarding consultations on LGBT+ matters

性の多様性を尊重し、性別や性的指向、性自認を理由とした差別が行われることなく、平等に大学生活が送れるよう、「ダウンロードのリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。学生のLGBT等に関するガイドライン(PDF:757KB)」を取り決め、対応しています。LGBT等に関する相談は「学生なんでも相談窓口」で対応しています。悩みを抱えている学生は気軽に相談してください。

Nagaoka University of Technology has established the "ダウンロードのリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。Guidelines for Serving LGBT+ Students in Nagaoka University of Technology(PDF:342KB)" to ensure respect for sexual diversity; to prevent discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, or identity; and to enable all students to experience a fair and equal university life. The Student Support Center's "Student General Consultation Window" provides consultations on LGBT+ matters. Student with any problems shold feel free to contact them.



Mutsumi-kai, which is a voluntary group organized to support NUT international students, holds a weekly counseling at International Friendship Lounge.
It was established in 1988 for the purpose to support 63 international students NUT had at the time.
It holds a general counseling every Wednesday from 13:30 to 16:30. It is 13:00 to 16:00 from December to February. Mutsumi-kai also sponsors several events and activities for international students such as a speech contest, a bazaar of daily supplies, and an Onsen trip on an annual basis. If you are interested in joining these events, please go visit them on Wednesday afternoon and freely ask to any Mutsumi-kai staff.

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