Nagaoka University of Technology 50th Anniversary Commemorative Project Logo and Tagline


Nagaoka University of Technology selected the logo and tagline of 50th Anniversary Commemorative Project as follows.



In celebration of our 50th anniversary in 2026, we have created a new logomark expressed the university's fundamental philosophy symbolized by its motto,"VOS" (VITALITY, ORIGINALITY, and SERVICES) . This commemorative logo symbolizes that the philosophy will succeed unchanged even if the university’s administration is transformed by the changing times, and it will be a source of new value creation.



Based on our unchanged philosophy since its founding, this new tagline indicates that our university will continue to passionately challenge the unknowns, develop original knowledge for society, and lead sustainable development for both the region and the world.

The logomark and tagline will be used for publications, commemorative goods and etc., to promote 50th Anniversary Commemorative Project.


Office of Planning and Public Relations,
Division of Institutional Strategies

Nagaoka University of Technology