Student written Research Laboratory Guidebook 2023Nagaoka University of Technology


Motion Control Laboratory

Professor / Kiyoshi OHISHI  Associate Professor / Yuki YOKOKURA  Assistant Professor / Tran Phuong Thao

ProfessorKiyoshi OHISHI

profiles and activiities profiles and activiities at nagaoka university of technology

Associate ProfessorYuki YOKOKURA

profiles and activiities profiles and activiities at nagaoka university of technology

Assistant ProfessorTran Phuong Thao

profiles and activiities profiles and activiities at nagaoka university of technology
  • Advancing robotics and mechatronics technology through control engineering.
  • Developing practical and innovative motion control for the world
  • Work hard, play hard!


Professor / Kiyoshi OHISHI and Associate Professor / Yuki YOKOKURA
Profs. Ohishi and Yokokura are cheerful and energetic, always kindly looking after students. Both are specialists in robotics and control engineering. Prof. Ohishi's favorite sport is baseball, and he is a fan of the Chunichi Dragons.

Research Content

Motion control is the branch of control engineering focused on the control of motion of motors, robots, etc.
In our lab we develop practical control algorithms for high-performance motion of robots, vehicles, motor drive systems and many other mechatronic systems. Research validation is done through numerical simulation and experiment, using software such as MATLAB for simulations, and our in-house developed ARCS software for experiments. We collaborate with many companies on joint research ventures and present our research results every year on domestic and international conferences, and academic journals.

Experiment with industrial robot. Applying motion control, the heavy robot is lightly moved by human.

A Day in the Lab

A day in the Motion Control Lab is split between study, simulations and experiments, and we conduct progress report presentations once a week where professors give useful feedback for our research. Students present their research results each year in domestic and international conferences, allowing us to discuss and network with other professionals of motion control.
We have a very friendly environment where you can ask fellow labmates or professors for help whenever you need it. 
Each year we have several events such as softball and futsal competitions, Hanami, lab yearly trip, Nagaoka fireworks, BBQ parties and more!

Celebrating Prof. Ohishi's birthday

Thesis Subjects

  • (M)Vibration Suppression Control Using Dynamic-Torque-Input Based Variable Inertia Observer
  • (M)Shockless Re-Acceleration Control from Coasting Based on Model Predictive Control for Multi-Inertia System with Two Clutches
  • (D)The Back-Forward Drivable Torsion Torque Control of Two-Inertia System for Environment Interaction

The number of
PhD Graduates


Major employers of Graduates

  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • YASKAWA Electric Corporation
  • FANUC Corporation
  • Honda R&D Co. Ltd.
  • Mazda Motor Corporation
  • Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation
  • Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd.
  • Sanyo Denki Co. Ltd.
  • Oriental Motor Co. Ltd.
Writer : Padron Parraga Juan Vicente, Energy and Environment Science
(Simon Bolivar University)