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Radioactive Environmental Dynamics Engineering Laboratory

Associate Professor / Tomoko OHTA

Associate ProfessorTomoko OHTA

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  • Make a new clock using radioactive dating
  • Know the risk of future earthquakes!
  • Let's face the voice of the earth in nature!


Associate Professor / Tomoko OHTA
Ohta-sensei is a very kind professor. She is a student-minded professor who is kind enough to ask basic questions and give advice on her usual student life and employment. She loves animals, and her dog, Shiba Inu, Mikan-chan, has become an idol in our laboratory. In fact, Japanese martial arts are one of the special skills.

Research Content

We aim to contribute to issues such as water resource conservation / development and radioactive waste disposal by conducting groundwater dating development and future prediction of nuclides in the environment..
1)Water resource conservation and development
We are developing a groundwater dating method for groundwater flow evaluation, which is the key to water resource development and safety evaluation of radioactive waste disposal.
2)Radioactive waste disposal
We are elucidating the dynamics of nuclides in forests and groundwater through research on the circulation of anthropogenic pollutants and the prediction of their distribution in the environment.

(Collection of groundwater for snow-melting pipes)

A Day in the Lab

There is no core time. You can proceed with your research freely. We also go to field work for groundwater sampling and forests in various places. We receive samples from nature, chemically separate the nuclides in the samples in the laboratory and measure them to face the voice of the earth every day.
The seminar introduces papers and reads textbooks once a week in collaboration with the Laboratory for Nuclear and Radiochemistry and the Nuclear Materials and Conservation Engineering Laboratory. In addition, the student room is also combined with these laboratories, and it looks like a large laboratory.

Student room

Thesis Subjects

  • (M)Impact of geographic conditions on groundwater radon concentration

The number of
PhD Graduates


Major employers of Graduates

  • No data due to newly established laboratory
Writer : Ryo Takeo, Nuclear System Safety Engineering
(National Institute of Technology, Kisarazu College)