Student written Research Laboratory Guidebook 2023Nagaoka University of Technology

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Environment Friendly Material Function and Engineering Laboratory

Professor / KOBAYASHI Takaomi

ProfessorKOBAYASHI Takaomi

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  • Sustainability!!! Biomass usability for economic purpose
  • Green Technology toward Environmental Sustainability
  • International Friendly Laboratory


Professor / Takaomi KOBAYASHI
Prof. Kobayashi is a senior professor with deep insight knowledges about his field of work which is valuable for the research orientation. Beside the academic standard that each student have to archive, "Manner" and "Interpersonal Relationship" for him also stand a significant point for the future success of his students.

Research Content

With the "Bio-sustainability" as the main aim, our laboratory mainly focuses on the development of bio-interfacial and environmentally friendly material as the mean to solve any possible problems. With biochemistry and material science expertise, material structure and its nature from micro to macro-scale of the researched materials are carefully considered for the optimal utilization to tackle the practical issues. Our laboratory has a wide range on interesting on material, namely polymers, inorganic and organic, composite, and industrial waste. With the wide connection of our professor, students have wide options for their internship, from domestic like company, Kosen or University in Japan or in other countries like Thai, Vietnam, Germany, Malaysia…

Cosmetic products containing moisturizing ingredients "Porphyra" extracted from Seaweed and Limonite-PES composite fiber

A Day in the Lab

The most unique point of our lab is more than a half of the students are international students whom coming from variety of background and culture like: Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Mexico. In such a multiple-culture laboratory, we have valuable chance for understanding the culture and the people from different countries. Both English and Japanese are encouraged for daily communication in our laboratory. Not only in culture, but we also have many different backgrounds from material science, medical, bioscience to environmental technology, so we can support each other in research with many different points of view. Beside research, annual event like Hanami, Hanabi, Halloween, Christmas Party, Bonen-kai and some international cooking exchange party.

Seminar ending party of the year 2021

Thesis Subjects

  • (M)Application Zeolite Polymer Composite Fiber in Bioreactor for Land-based aquaculture of Rainbow Trout cultivation
  • (D)Study on Ultrasound Technologies Concerning with Nitrogen for Decomposition of Organic Compound and For Soil Washing Application.
  • (D)Study on Mordenite Zeolite-nylon Composite Membranes Used for Functional Adsorbents.

The number of
PhD Graduates


Major employers of Graduates

  • Nitto Denko. Co. Ltd
  • Daikin Industries. Co. Ltd
  • Takasago Thermal Engineeiring. Co. Ltd
  • Nippon Paint Co. Ltd
  • Fuji Electric. Co. Ltd
  • Dow Chemical Japan
  • Sakai. Co. Ltd
  • Oji Paper Co. Ltd
  • Toyo seikan. Co. Ltd
  • Unicharm Corporation
Writer : PHAN Phuoc Tri, Science of Technology Innovation
(University of Science - Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh city)