National University Reform Enhancement Promotion Project MEXT(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
Tri-Institutional Collaborative/Cooperative Educational Reform Project



Nobuhiko Azuma President of Nagaoka University of Technology(NUT)

Nobuhiko Azuma, President, Nagaoka University of Technology(NUT)

Innovation-oriented human resources fostering project

“This Tri-Institutional Collaborative/Cooperative Educational Reform Project was selected by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology as a National University Reform Enhancement Promotion Project. In March 2013, Nagaoka University of Technology entered
into a collaborative partnership with Toyohashi University of Technology and the National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), and we are now actively driving the project forward together. In order to develop practical engineers, NUT has constructed an industry-academia integrated campus focused on the Gigaku Innovation Promotion Center. This center was established to consolidate the engineer education program and to further develop the industry-finance-academia-government collaboration networks that have been in place since our university’s founding.
This project is based on the Gigaku of the three institutes, and we are striving to foster the development of innovation-oriented practical and creative engineers who can reinvigorate Japanese industries̶ especially local industries̶that have the potential to compete at the international level.
We are promoting efficient collaborations in various education and research activities through the GI-net, which links the three institutes, including the 51 KOSEN colleges located nationwide.
We sincerely appreciate your support as we deepen the collaborations between the three institutes and consolidate our activities to develop the practical global engineers required by society.

Takashi Onishi President of Toyohashi University of Technology(TUT)

Takashi Onishi, President, Toyohashi University of Technology(TUT)

Globally-oriented human resources development project

Toyohashi University of Technology is in charge of tthe Globally-Oriented Human Resources Development Project, which was initiated at the same time as the reorganization of the Institute for Global Network Innovation in Technology Education(IGNITE). Centered on IGNITE, the project utilizes the overseas education bases and liaison offices established by the three institutes to conduct global education for Japanese students and on-site education for international students in their home countries. Programs to strengthen the global abilities of faculty from the three institutes are also planned and implemented. The development of human resources through the active application of the overseas bases and liaison offices allows students to directly experience and learn from overseas life with a high level of awareness toward global perspectives and multicultural coexistence. In this way, we have been working toward the development of practical global engineers who will be pioneers of a new era.
This project was selected in 2012 as a 6-years program, and an interim appraisal in 2015 demonstrated that the project was progressing well. The project provides a model for similar undertakings of global human resource development in other universities throughout Japan. With a strong sense of responsibility in developing the human resources needed to shoulder the future of Japanese society, we are committed to further strenghthening the collaborations among the threeinstitutes and carrying out the various activities of the project. We therefore ask for your continued support in our efforts.

Isao Taniguchi President of the National Institute of Technology(KOSEN)

Anticipating the success of the Tri-Institutional Collaborative
/Cooperative Educational Reform Project

In today's highly advanced industrial society, the present mission of KOSEN is to develop practical engineers with the creativity to play an active role in the international community. The Tri-Institutional Collaborative/Cooperative Educational Reform Project, with its aim of fostering the development of globally-oriented and innovation-oriented personal, perfectly conforms to this mission.
As this project enters the latter half of its six-year course, the dual initiatives of developing innovation-oriented human resources and globally-oriented human resources have also entered the “boost phase”. In the next few years, our human resource development projects will need to become more advanced, and the three institutes must settle into a framework that can continue to evolve and develop.
With the collaborative efforts from Nagaoka University of Technology and Toyohashi University of Technology, KOSEN is committed to working toward the project’s aim of educational reform with a clear sense of purpose, and we thank you for your support.