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ISOBE Hironobu, Chairperson, The Alumni Association of Nagaoka University of Technology

President Kamado (center) looks happy to be surrounded by many future NUT students and many NUT supporters from the community! (From the 11th NUT Founding Commemorative Marathon held on October 1, 2022)

I am delighted to celebrate the upcoming 50th Anniversary of my alma mater, Nagaoka University of Technology.
As a graduate of the 7th batch of students, I am reaching a major personal milestone as I turn 60 years old. I am deeply grateful for the various experiences during my six years at Nagaoka University of Technology, which have enabled me to do my best now. Despite being fortunate to have guidance from excellent lecturers and a well-established research environment, I graduated only after much suffering to submit my thesis. Whenever I had breaks from research, I fully enjoyed the NUT Festival! The Department Head Cup! Nagaoka Festival! Sports Festival! I still have so many other memories. When I first entered the university, the young sakura trees were still thin and fragile. However, they have since matured magnificently, and now create a beautiful tunnel of cherry blossoms when in full bloom. Even the local residents look forward to seeing them every year. Similarly, the university has firmly established its roots in the 50 years since its founding, and has become well known and supported by the community.
As an alumnus and member of the Nagaoka University of Technology cheer squad, I will give my all to make our alma mater bloom and flourish for the years to come.


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