Inviting Supporters for Nagaoka University of Technology’s 50th Anniversary Commemorative Project


Message from the President

Nagaoka University of Technology was founded in October 1976, and will commemorate its 50th Anniversary in 2026. In addition to various planned commemorative events for 2026, the university is establishing a 50th Anniversary Commemorative Project Fund to develop new facilities that promote intellectual, regional, and international exchanges among students, faculty, staff, companies, and local governments. The fund will also be used to provide financial support for the development of leading engineers who possess the practical and creative abilities to innovate and contribute to SDGs, as well as the will to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. We ask all alumni to aid us in our public relations activities in order to gain greater support for the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Project.

Application Guide

Application eligibility

Alumni of Nagaoka University of Technology

Supporters’ duties

  • Participate in events held as part of the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Project, and work together with the university in public relations activities for fundraising.
  • Work together with the university to develop ideas concerning 50th Anniversary Commemorative Project events and fundraising.
  • Serve as public relations and liaison contacts for other alumni.
  • Perform other tasks such as providing opinions and comments to the university as it commemorates its 50th Anniversary.

Supporters’ benefits

  • As official supporters of the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Project, you will be introduced and acknowledged on the official project website.
  • If requested, your company’s logo and website link will be included in the official project website.
  • You will be sent newsletters to inform you of the university’s activities.
  • You will be invited to the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Project Reception

How to apply

Please contact us at the following:


Office of Planning and Public Relations,
Division of Institutional Strategies
Nagaoka University of Technology