Student written Research Laboratory Guidebook 2023Nagaoka University of Technology

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High Temperature Materials Laboratory

Professor / NANKO Makoto  Assistant professor / KUO Yen-Ling

ProfessorNANKO Makoto

profiles and activiities profiles and activiities at nagaoka university of technology

Assistant professorKUO Yen-Ling

profiles and activiities profiles and activiities at nagaoka university of technology
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  • From Forging to Nanotechnology
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Professor / NANKO Makoto and Assistant professor / KUO Yen-Ling
Professor Nanko is an energetic person. He loves enriching his students in various fields of both scientific and general knowledge. Being an open-minded person, He tends to accept and challenge some strange and wild ideas of his students at all times. Asst. Prof. Kuo is a kind person, she will help and guide you in research with her smile.

Research Content

MAX phase ceramics: The MAX phase ceramics have good properties such as good electrical and thermal conductivity. MAX phase ceramics are stiff and lightweight materials. It can be machined easily like metal materials.
Self-healing ceramics: This material can heal its crack automatically at high temperatures. In this research, we aim to improve self-healing ability and we want to apply self-healing ceramics in both high and low-temperature applications.
Metal 3D printer: or AM (Additive Manufacturing) is attracting attention as a new method of modeling. Evaluation tests are carried out on the microstructure and mechanical strength after building.

Bolt and nut made from Ti2AlC MAX phase ceramics with their laser scan images

A Day in the Lab

The workdays start at 8:00 in the morning with progress seminars and an English paper seminar in the evening every Thursday. After the morning seminar, we can go to class or conduct our experiments until 17:30. Using of equipment is free, we can use all of the equipment at any time. We usually give a presentation at domestic and international academic conferences. The working environment is friendly, laboratory members are talkative people and well communicated in English. We often held and join some activities for example new year party, graduation party, hamburger party and the department softball competition.

Our lab members held 3rd place in the department softball competition

Thesis Subjects

  • (M)Seizure Resistance of Variouse Surface Treatments on Austenitic Stainless Steel by Hot Hammer-die-forging
  • (M)Influence of steam on high temperature static fatigue of Cr2O3 bulks
  • (D)Yttrium Silicate Ceramics Dispersed with SiC Particles for Self-healing Environmental Barrier Coating Applied to Si Based Ceramic Composites

The number of
PhD Graduates


Major employers of Graduates

  • Sumitomo Chemicals
  • Nippon Light Metal Corp.
  • Mitsuba Corp.
  • Union Tools
  • DOWA Holding
  • Riken
  • Daido Steel
  • Ogura Clutch Corp.
  • Kao
  • Alsok
Writer : KHLAISONGKHRAM Phanuwat, Material Science
(Nagaoka University of Technology)