Student written Research Laboratory Guidebook 2023Nagaoka University of Technology

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Image and Media Information Laboratory

Professor / IWAHASHI Masahiro  Assistant Professor / HARAKAWA Ryosuke  Technical Staff / YAMAURA Kentaro

ProfessorIWAHASHI Masahiro

profiles and activiities profiles and activiities at nagaoka university of technology

Assistant ProfessorHARAKAWA Ryosuke

profiles and activiities profiles and activiities at nagaoka university of technology

Technical StaffYAMAURA Kentaro

profiles and activiities profiles and activiities at nagaoka university of technology
  • Research using images, sounds, texts, or anything multimedia !
  • Become a deep learning and optimization expert !
  • Be an excellent presenter that can impress anyone !


Prof. IWAHASHI Masahiro, Assistant Prof. HARAKAWA Ryosuke, Mr. YAMAURA Kentaro
Prof. Iwahashi is a person with wide range of knowledge in image processing, who actively conducts various joint researches. Assistant Prof. Harakawa is a specialist in multimedia and a very eager teacher. Meanwhile, Mr. Yamaura is a person in charge of the technicals and will gladly help you if you were facing any technical problem.

Research Content

As researches on multimedia signal processing to support AI and IoT technologies, we conduct researches on "image restoration," which restores desired images from incomplete observed images, and "image recognition," which detects objects and classifies their states based on deep learning. Moreover, as researches for multimedia data such as sounds and texts, we conduct researches on "semantic understanding" to reveal useful information from big data in the cyberspace. Notably, we often collaborate with researchers and companies in various fields such as robotics, physics, biology, environment, disaster prevention, and education.

Discussion in the seminar

A Day in the Lab

In this laboratory, we hold a seminar twice a week to discuss our researches and to train for presentations. No need to worry about the lack of experience or knowledge, because you can always ask our professors and/or read the books. In addition, many members actively present their researches through conferences and papers, both in Japan and abroad. Before the COVID-19 epidemic, we have held futsal/softball tournaments, cherry blossom viewing, Nagaoka fireworks, and laboratory trips among members. After that, we have continued to hold various events using online tools and other means, and our members get along with each other.

Laboratory travel (Kusatsu hot spring)

Thesis Subjects

  • (D)Speech Enhancement and Anti-spoofing in Speaker Recognition by utilizing Phase Information
  • (D)Four-Dimensional Medical Image Compression by Using Non-Separable Integer Wavelet Transform
  • (D)A Study on Speech Classification Based on Deep Neural Network under Adverse Environments
  • (D)A Study on Speech Signal Processing for Noise Robust Speaker and Speech Recognition

The number of
PhD Graduates


Major employers of Graduates

  • Nippon Seiki
  • NTT TechnoCross
  • NEC Solution Innovators
  • NTT Comware
  • NTT Advanced Technology
  • Renesas Electronics
  • Panasonic Device System Techno
  • Canon Imaging Systems
  • Tokyo Electron Device
  • National Institute of Technology, Yuge College
Writer : OKAMURA Daiki, Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineering
(Chiba-kita High School)