Student written Research Laboratory Guidebook 2023Nagaoka University of Technology

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Environment Disaster Prevention Laboratory

Professor / Satoru OHTSUKA  Associate Professor / Yutaka FUKUMOTO

ProfessorSatoru OHTSUKA

profiles and activiities profiles and activiities at nagaoka university of technology

Associate ProfessorYutaka FUKUMOTO

profiles and activiities profiles and activiities at nagaoka university of technology
  • Research on leading environment disaster countermeasures
  • Comprehending the essential concepts of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Maintaining a balance between research and extracurriculars


Professor / Satoru OHTSUKA , Associate Professor / Yutaka FUKUMOTO
Both professors are very friendly and welcoming. They always enlighten the students based on academic principles and engineering best practices. Further, they help and encourage students to develop a sound engineering understanding of natural phenomena. Moreover, our professors strongly believe in freedom of expression and therefore give due importance to the students' opinions on research matters, which leads to healthy technical discussions.

Research Content

The environment disaster prevention laboratory is aimed at conducting research to solve the latest engineering challenges to prevent the catastrophic outcome of natural disasters such as earthquakes and rainstorms. Model tests and field studies are conducted to investigate the effective liquefaction countermeasures. Wide area risk assessment methodology for slopes is conducted with GIS and AI technologies against earthquakes and rainstorms (see the right figure). Moreover, stability analysis of footings is also part of the research theme. In addition, we develop particle-based numerical simulation models to reproduce the complex soil behaviors such as the deformation of sand, the internal erosion of soil and weathering of mudstone.

Wide area slope failure risk assessment

A Day in the Lab

Everyday in this lab is full of energy and opportunities. Students carry out their designated research activities and report its progress to the professors. Weekly group and individual seminars are conducted to keep pace with the annual research targets. All students put their best efforts into achieving their intended research goals. Preparing for the seminars is quite demanding; however, as you come to the laboratory, you feel motivated as there are colleagues who work hard along with you. Besides, Nagaoka is a peaceful city and there are activities round the year to make you feel lively such as Nagaoka fireworks.

Large deformation analysis of ground and soil structures by particle simulation

Thesis Subjects

  • (M)Development of Wide-Area Hazard Assessment for Slope by Combining Machine Learning and Image Recognition
  • (M)Laboratory and Field Tests on the Compaction Effcet of Gravel Piles on Sandy Soil
  • (M)Advanced Measurement of Three Dimensional Velocity Components of Seepage Flow in the Soil Using Refractive Index Matching Scanning
  • (M)Numerical Modeling of Fracture Behavior of Geomaterials Based on Perdynamics-DEM

The number of
PhD Graduates


Major employers of Graduates

  • Fujita Corporation
  • Obayashi Corporation
  • Japan Railways
  • Penta-Ocean Construction
  • Sakami Tetsudo
  • Shimizu Corporation
  • Taisei Corporation
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Construction
  • Fukken Engineering
  • Fudo Tetra Corporation
Writer : Tahir Iqbal, Energy and Environment Science
(Nagaoka University of Technology)