Student written Research Laboratory Guidebook 2023Nagaoka University of Technology

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Stem Cell Technology Laboratory

Associate Professor / OHNUMA Kiyoshi

Associate ProfessorOHNUMA Kiyoshi

profiles and activiities profiles and activiities at nagaoka university of technology
  • Producing high quality research related to regenerative medicine
  • Investigating the mechanism of human embryogenesis
  • Establishing a work-life balance in laboratory


Associate Professor / Kiyoshi OHNUMA
Our sensei always share significant wisdom and great advice with us. He thinks about students’ futures carefully. Sensei is dedicated to educating students even though he is very busy. He is a good-hearted sensei who teaches the student with a gracious speech. For this reason, students can discuss freely with him in everything, especially academic work and living.

Research Content

Stem cells possess the ability to differentiate into all cell types and to self-renew continuously. We believe that stem cells are the key to success in regenerative medicine. Thus, we are committed to developing novel technologies alongside stem cells application for biomedical purposes. We utilize human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to tackle the research both in vitro and in vivo platforms.
Our major research topics include;
(1) Zebrafish models for cardiovascular research
(2) Development of microfluidic devices to study the mechanism of human iPSCs differentiation
(3) Effect of teratogenic drugs on human embryo self-organization
(4) Planarian cell culture for understanding regeneration dynamics

iPSCs culture using microfluidic device

A Day in the Lab

Our laboratory starts at 9:30 am with a morning meeting. Everyone in the lab discuss the daily schedule and inform academic events. After that, we are free to do experiments according to the schedule. We progress the experiment with sensei and group members twice a month.
Normally, everyone gathers in the lab every day, and all members can become accustomed to each other. We work as a family by taking care, supporting, and helping each other. We also freely talk and advise on everything.
We sometimes have a party in the lab to celebrate the members who graduate (following the guidance of covid -19 prevention).

Good atmosphere in the laboratory

Thesis Subjects

  • (M)High cell density suppresses BMP4-induced differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells to produce macroscopic spatial patterning in an unidirectional perfusion culture chamber
  • (D)Effect of cell density on cardiomyocyte differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells
  • (D)Thalidomide induces apoptosis during early mesoderm differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells

The number of
PhD Graduates


Major employers of Graduates

  • Micron Memory Japan, G.K.
  • Japan Atomic Energy Agency
  • Nipro Pharma Corporation
  • Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd.
  • Moritan Co., Ltd.
  • CoorsTek KK
  • Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited
  • Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Nipponham Delicatessen Ltd.
  • Shinshin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Writer : LIMJANTHONG Nuttakrit, Integrated Bioscience and Technology
(King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi)