Student written Research Laboratory Guidebook 2025Nagaoka University of Technology

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Hikari Engineering Physics Laboratory

Professor / KATO Ariyuki
  • From phosphor synthesis to high-performance light-emitting devices
  • Full use of electrical and chemical knowledge!
  • Balancing campus life and research activities!

Professor / KATO Ariyuki
Professor Kato is a Kyoto University graduate supporting our research activities with his surprisingly quick mind and wealth of knowledge. He is also a gourmet, so introduces us to the delicious restaurants in Nagaoka, as well as those in the destinations where he travels for conferences.

Research Content

Our laboratory deals with 'Phosphors'. Phosphors are light-emitting materials applied to light-emitting devices such as LEDs and play an important role in determining device performance. The luminescence color and efficiency vary depending on the combination of elements as well as the fabrication method, so we may be able to surprise the world with our ideas. Of course, we also carry out evaluations and learn about various optical and physical properties. And above all, we have a teacher who discusses the results properly. It's hard to follow the professor's arguments, but a great learning experience.

The luminescence of phosphor materials fabricated in our laboratory

A Day in the Lab

There are no restrictions such as core hours, and apart from weekly seminars and research progress reports, students are free to use their time as they wish. I also actively participate in academic conferences, especially large ones in spring and autumn. (And of course we eat good food!). In addition to research activities, there are many events that everyone can enjoy together, such as cherry blossom viewing, various welcome parties and participation in softball tournaments.

Spectroscopy equipment in our laboratory

Thesis Subjects

  • (D)Laser-induced Permanent Reduction of Eu-doped Phosphate Phosphors
  • (M)Evaluation of BiVO4 photocatalysts and photoelectrodes prepared by electrophoresis for artificial photosynthesis
  • (M)Mist flow control for oxide phosphor thin film preparation by Mist-CVD method

The number of
PhD Graduates


Major employers of Graduates

  • Stanley Electric
  • JEOL
  • nittoh
  • Tokyo Electron Device
  • Shin-Etsu Chemical
  • TDK-Lambda
  • Canon Tokki
  • Idemitsu Kosan
Writer : TOYOTA Homare, Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineering
(National Institute of Technology, Anan College)