Student written Research Laboratory Guidebook 2023Nagaoka University of Technology

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Spatial Image Media Laboratory

Professor / Tomohiro YENDO

ProfessorTomohiro YENDO

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  • Connect virtual and real space
  • Create "Interesting things" !
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Let's build an actual machine and demonstrate!


Professor / Tomohiro YENDO
Prof.Yendo is very friendly to students. He always gives us advices for research and other matters. On the other hand, in situation other than research, he is close to students and often makes small talks.

Research Content

We research on three main areas below.
・Three-dimensional (3D) display
We study on glasses-free 3D displays and 3D head-up displays. Transparency for augmented reality (AR) display and multi-person use are especially considered.
・Visible light communication (VLC)
We study on camera-based wireless communications by using visible light. Our target includes road-to-vehicle communications from traffic lights and on-board cameras, and smartphone-based system transmitting from electronic message boards or illuminations.
We research on special functional cameras, for example, telephoto camera shooting direction changes instantly, and plate-shaped camera whose viewpoint is distant from the physical camera position.

This is an innovative spherical 3D display.
You can study based on your own ideas, build an actual prototype, and demonstrate it.

A Day in the Lab

Our laboratory doesn't adopt a core time system, so you can do research at any time you want. The seminar is divided into two groups, 3Ddisplay and VLC. In addition, there is a seminar in which papers are read, introduced, and discussed. When we get stuck in researches, we often have discussions with students and the professor. In addition, our relationships are very good in this laboratory, such as going out for dinner after the seminar.

This is a state of our laboratory. They are discussing on a research theme.

Thesis Subjects

  • (M)A study on imaginary image projection display using holographic optical elements
  • (M)A study of high resolution super multi-view display using time division method
  • (M)A study of undersampled camera communication using Quadrature Amplitude Modulation

The number of
PhD Graduates


Major employers of Graduates

  • Canon Inc.
  • Nippon Seiki Co.,Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • Honda Motor Co., Ltd
  • Texas Instruments Japan Limited
  • Canon Imaging Systems Inc.
  • Kajima Corporation
  • Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Bosch Corporation
Writer : Mion AOKI, Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineering
(Niigata Prefectual Kokusai Joho High School)